Fumaric Acid

A versatile solution to formulation challenges

Fumaric acid is an organic acid that serves a variety of functional purposes, including enhancing taste, managing pH, reducing hygroscopicity, improving shelf stability, and more. Fumaric acid is a functional ingredient that is applicable across food, beverage, animal nutrition, industrial, pharmaceutical, and personal care markets.

Available Grades: Powder | Regular | Technical Grade

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Improved Quality.

Improved Economy.

Fumaric acid has been used in food and beverage products for almost a century and is most commonly relied on to improve quality and reduce costs of many food, beverage, and animal feed products.

An effective tool for balancing the pH in food and beverages, fumaric acid controls the impact and intensity of sourness and flavor as well as having an anti-microbial and bactericidal effect. Fumaric acid is completely non-hygroscopic, keeping powdered mixes from caking and hardening from moisture. It is also stronger than other acids, enabling the use of less product to achieve the same results–thereby improving economies by lowering ingredient cost.


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