The flexible, reliable partner for malic and fumaric acid

Based in North America and distributing to customers around the globe, Bartek is the world’s largest producer of malic acid and food-grade fumaric acid, and we’re excited to partner with you.

Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer

Uphold™ Bread Preservation Technology

EasyAcid™ Malic Solution

Malic Acid

Enhances and extends flavors and blends discordant flavor notes for a more rounded, natural flavor profile.

Fumaric Acid

Improves quality, reduces cost, displaces antibiotics, and more in an array of applications across markets.

Our Markets.

Foods and Beverages

Improves and enhances flavor, improves dough properties, functions as an antimicrobial in bakery, lowers ingredient and packaging costs, and more. Versatile across applications, these ingredients are most often used in beverages, confections, fruit preparations, baked goods, desserts, powder mixes, and spice blends.

Animal Nutrition

Shown to reduce methane emissions in beef cattle, promote weight gain in suckling pigs and poultry, function as an antimicrobial, and better manage the pH value of feed systems.

Industrial Applications

Used to promote quality and consistency, serving needs for dishwasher detergents, unsaturated polyester resins, alkyd resins, printing inks, paper sizing, surfactants, plasticizers, concrete, and more.

Pharma & Personal Care

Diminishes the flavor impact of active components and strengthens the intensity of fruit flavors in supplements, throat lozenges, cough syrups, and more.

About Us.

With a concentrated focus on malic and fumaric acids, we know our products well, deliver them consistently, and recognize their broad applications and benefits.

Bartek serves food, beverage, confectionery, animal nutrition, and industrial markets around the globe by delivering dynamic ingredients that go beyond sour, to improve taste and mouthfeel, add differentiating attributes, increase performance, lower cost-in-use, and more.

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