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Bartek Unveils Refortify™ Product Line at SupplySide West

Innovative Electrolytes and Fortification Salts for Health and Wellness Product Developers

LAS VEGAS (October 16, 2023) – Bartek, the global leader in the production of malic and fumaric acid, is excited to introduce its new brand, Refortify™, offering a range of high-quality and versatile electrolytes and fortification salts designed to meet the diverse needs of beverage, vitamin, mineral, and supplement manufacturers. The official launch of Refortify™ and its inaugural product line will take place at the upcoming SupplySide West event.

SupplySide West attendees will continue to see Bartek progress its commitment to innovation as the company debuts three ingredients under the Refortify™ brand: magnesium malate, mono sodium malate, and mono potassium malate. These ingredients address the crucial electrolyte and mineral supplement needs of consumers with products that are emerging as new solutions in this fast-growing area

Refortify™ products offer distinct advantages over other similar ingredients available in the industry. Bartek’s Magnesium Malate is very high in bioavailability, offers a taste-free profile, and delivers the lowest cost per unit of magnesium. Sodium hydrogen malate and potassium hydrogen Malate are electrolytes and also enhance flavor properties of finished food and beverage products.  This flavor development is described as delivering more fresh, balanced and true to fruit flavors, enhancing sour and helping to mask off-tasting active ingredients.

“Refortify™ is a breakthrough in mineral nutrition and electrolytes. It is a new tool in the formulators tool kit to in response to the growing demand for better nutrition and better tasting products”, said John Borrows, Chief Executive Officer. “Bartek’s product development and application expertise coupled with its vertically integrated malate production guarantees cost-effective, consistent high-quality solutions for formulators seeking to achieve their electrolyte and mineral fortification goals.”

“Refortify™ is a true solution for better nutrition without sacrificing unique functionality or flavor. It elevates products and offers health-conscious consumers the electrolyte and mineral support they need,” said Mohammad Emami, Director of Marketing and Business Development.

Show attendees can visit Bartek’s booth (1739) or visit the New Product Zone to learn how the company’s proprietary ingredients and its solutions-based approach can assist in product innovations or reformulation.

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