Malic Acid

Natural Bite, Versatile Ingredient

Malic acid’s mellow, smooth, persistent sourness enhances the sensory experience of a variety of applications. Bartek’s malic acid blends with other food acids, sugars, high-intensity sweeteners, flavors, and seasonings to bring the most true-to-fruit flavor experiences in foods, beverages, confections, and more.

Available Grades: Powder | Regular | Coarse | Low Dust


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Better Flavor,
Easy Formulations

Malic acid balances or intensifies the impact of fruit flavors in food and beverage applications, and many times the amount of flavor needed in a formulation can be decreased for better economies. From aroma to intensity to depth of flavor, many foods and beverages can achieve a better flavor experience—be it related to aroma, intensity, depth of flavor, aftertaste, or more—thanks to malic acid.

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