Podcasts, Uplift™ Taste Modification Technology

LISTEN: How Bartek is Uplifting Innovation Strategies Through Flavor Optimization

What’s The Industry Saying? 

BevNET’s Taste Radio podcast explores beverage, food and beer with the industries’ leaders, innovators and rising stars. And they sat down with Bartek’s Business Development Manager to hear the hype about Uplift™ for themselves.


Achieve Taste Perfection In Your Next Beverage 

Acidity control is key to achieving your taste goals. At Bartek, our portfolio of buffers not only ensures precise pH control, even with higher acid levels, but also unlocks untapped flavor potentials. Introducing Uplift™ Taste Modification Technology: the next way to expand your formulator’s toolchest. 

How Uplift™ Delivers An Unmatched Flavor Experience 

🧃 Enhances taste in beverage applications

🧃 Creates a juicy, authentic fruit flavor profile that persists 

🧃 Precisely controls sour including onset, peak, and linger

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