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Artisan bread technology featured in Food Ingredients First

Bartek’s new patent-pending technology, Upscale™ Artisan Bread Technology, was recently featured by Food Ingredients First.

Upscale improves the manufacturing efficiency, cost-in-use, and overall quality for artisan breads produced at an industrial scale. These ingredient systems deliver such results without compromising on the unique eating experience that consumers associate with artisan products. 

“We expect to see a rise in bakery items boasting cleaner and simpler labels and in craft bakery-inspired offerings, such as artisan, rustic, hearth-baked and multi-grain,” Bartek’s Senior Product Manager Moe Emami said. “All of these trends will continue their migration from niche markets to the mainstream as bakeries of all sizes look for ways to satisfy current consumer wants and needs.”

Read the full article at this link.

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