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Bartek announces new clean label technology for artisan, pan bread

Bartek’s patent-pending technology helps increase volume, improve porosity, and decrease mix time in artisan breads

Bartek Ingredients’ new, patent pending, and clean label technology improves the manufacturing efficiency, cost-in-use, and overall quality for artisan breads produced at an industrial scale. These ingredient systems deliver such results without compromising on the unique eating experience that consumers associate with artisan products. 

Last month at IBIE, we had the opportunity to sit down with BAKERpedia CEO, Dr. Lin Carson, to discuss our fumaric acid-based ingredient systems and how they can improve artisan products such as ciabatta and baguette. Please click here to watch a video of our conversation! 

The market appeal of artisanal bread is undeniable, as consumers increasingly look for authentic eating experiences while demanding clean-label products. However, the ability to effectively produce high quality artisanal bread at scale has proven to be elusive, as traditional recipes often do not translate well into higher throughput and automated modern processes.

As demonstrated in this resource, Bartek’s new technology delivers modified dough rheology, resulting in increased volume; better crumb porosity; faster mixing time or increased water absorption, and superior product shape. On top of these benefits, our cost-effective and easy-to-use systems do not compromise the unique eating experience – including flavor, texture and mouthfeel – that today’s consumers crave with artisan bread.

Additionally, Bartek introduced new ingredient systems to reduce calcium propionate and improve the quality of breads

Bartek’s proprietary technology not only offers improved product attributes, such as increased volume and softer texture, but it also reduces the need for calcium propionate while extending shelf life. It does this using only clean label ingredients that are carefully formulated to optimize the preservative system. Click here for more information! 

The consumer demand for clean label products with extended shelf life is on the rise, and Bartek has taken steps forward to provide commercial bakers alternatives to produce shelf-stable and appealing baked goods at no additional cost

Bartek’s systems take advantage of the unique properties of fumaric acid in a proprietary blend to prevent mold proliferation. Furthermore, the systems improve key processing attributes, such as reducing mix time and increasing water absorption, while reducing the amount of calcium propionate used.

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