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Bartek Highlights Dynamic Portfolio of Malic- and Fumaric-derived Ingredient Solutions at IFT 2022

The company will showcase its solutions-based approach to ingredients and customer care

CHICAGO (June 28, 2022) – Bartek Ingredients, the global leader in malic and fumaric acid, is excited to highlight its full portfolio of specialty ingredients and custom solutions at the IFT FIRST annual event and expo (IFT) July 11-13 in Chicago, Illinois.

IFT provides the opportunity for food and beverage brands to connect with Bartek to discuss its decades of experience producing malic and fumaric acid, as well as to share its new specialty ingredient solutions designed to address specific needs in the marketplace, including: EasyAcid™ Malic Solution, Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer, and Uphold™ Clean Natural Mold Inhibitor (NMI) Booster.

“We couldn’t be more excited to return to Chicago to reconnect with customers in person at the IFT,” Bartek’s Chief Growth Officer Jeff Billig said. “This year, we look forward to showcasing our new and innovative specialty products and niche ingredient solutions designed from over a half century of extensive product expertise and deep application knowledge.”

At the show, Bartek is featuring three of its newest product lines:

EasyAcid Malic Solution is malic acid in liquid form produced to customized solid levels and designed for ease-of-use in formulation and production. 

“We are very excited about this launch,” Billig said. “It addresses two major needs in the market: an immediate increase in malic acid availability that remains in high demand and ease-of-use due to its liquid state.”

In addition to being readily available to purchase, EasyAcid also simplifies the production process by eliminating the need to dissolve the acid, removing dust in the operation, and greatly reducing the possibility of a blending error. These benefits make EasyAcid the ideal option to address both operation and supply chain challenges in today’s complex market.

Pecmate Pectin Enhancer is Bartek’s first new product launch into the specialty functional salt market and is designed to work in conjunction with pectin to increase throughput in production, reduce scrap rates, and speed the product development timeline for gummy delivery systems in the nutritional and confectionery markets. Pecmate accomplishes this by preventing pH creep caused by complex ingredients like nutritional actives, various vitamins, and natural colors common to gummy delivery systems. Pecmate prevents pre-gelling during production and holds pH in the proper range, allowing candy to stay fluid for as long as needed and set up properly when desired.

Uphold Clean NMI Booster is Bartek’s answer to the explosive growth in clean label baked goods. Uphold Clean,a proprietary acidulant-based ingredient system, boosts the performance of NMIs, extends mold-free shelf life, and lowers ingredient cost-in-use – all while avoiding the negative sensory attributes often associated with NMIs.

Bartek looks forward to speaking with everyone at IFT, both online and in person. The online portion of the event started mid-June, and the in-person expo starts July 11. Attendees can visit Bartek’s booth (S3561) to discuss how their proprietary ingredients, malic and fumaric acid, and their solutions-based approach can assist in product innovations or reformulation. For more information, please contact Bartek at info@bartek.ca.

About Bartek Ingredients

For over 50 years, Bartek Ingredients Inc. has been a leading global manufacturer of malic acid, fumaric acid, and maleic anhydride. Headquartered in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Bartek employs 120 people across its two production facilities in Southern Ontario. Bartek’s facilities are registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Bartek also holds the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification, and it distributes to more than 40 countries around the world. With new ownership in 2019 and significant investments, Bartek’s presence in the food and beverage space continues to be bolstered by highly innovative products and services that utilize deep product expertise and application knowledge to offer solutions to industry needs. For more information about Bartek, visit bartek.ca/.

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