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Bartek Highlights Flavor Enhancement in Gummies, Beverages with Uplift™ at IFT FIRST

The company’s latest proprietary ingredient launched in the spring

CHICAGO (June 28, 2023) – Bartek Ingredients, the global leader in malic and food grade fumaric acid, is unveiling a technology that unlocks improved sour flavor profiles and better formulation functionality at the IFT FIRST trade show July 17-19 in Chicago.

Today’s consumers look for juicy, tart, and balanced new beverage and confectionery products that they not only enjoy, but that they are excited to share with their friends and followers. Uplift™ Taste Modification Technology is Bartek’s newest ingredient line that offers formulators new tools to enhance flavor, boost sour, and more easily manage system pH (acidity) in gummies, beverages, and more.

It is designed to elevate existing flavor in these applications, creating a juicy and authentic fruit flavor profile while precisely controlling sour onset, linger, and peak. Bartek and Victus Ars, a boutique food development lab and immersive educational platform for food formulators, have partnered to unlock the full potential of Uplift™.

“Bartek’s Uplift™ line of products surprised us with the significant flavor impact it had on gummy products,” said Michelle Frame, President of Victus Ars and the Institute of Confectionery Excellence. “Although kids often enjoy super sour, many teens and adults prefer tart that harmonizes with other flavors, and Uplift™ provides that. It also smooths out some of the off-notes that actives can cause in supplement gummies. We are so pleased with the results; we are adding Uplift™ to our discussion and lab on tools and tips in the Institute of Confectionery Excellence’s advanced Gummy Formulating course.”

Confectionery formulators may also experience challenges optimizing pH using the appropriate buffer.

“Inversion presents a significant obstacle, as it has the potential to disturb a product’s overall structure,” Frame said. “The challenge lies in crafting a confection that boasts a lively, tangy flavor without compromising its stability, which often leads to a less-than-satisfactory taste experience. Bartek’s Uplift™ line distinguishes itself by its remarkable capacity to enhance and extend the delightful amalgamation of juicy and tart notes while exerting minimal influence on pH.”

Uplift™ is the latest launch in Bartek’s growing proprietary ingredient portfolio.

“We’re bringing the taste experience to a new level with Uplift™,” said Mohammad Emami, Bartek’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. “This is an opportunity for brands to design products with impactful, unique sensory profiles while also solving functional constraints that have historically prevented brands from expanding their product lines. IFT attendees can experience Uplift™ firsthand by trying samples at our booth of a peach-flavored iced tea beverage and gummies that use our innovative
technologies to bring the flavor to life.”

To learn more about Uplift™, join Bartek and Victus Ars on July 13 at 10:00 EST for a webinar titled “Creating Gummies with Unique and Impactful Taste Using Buffers, Untapped Formulation Tools” hosted through ConfectioneryNews.

At IFT FIRST, Bartek will also showcase Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer, an ingredient that simplifies formulation and production for pectin-based gummy products, and EasyAcid™ Malic Solution, a liquid malic acid ingredient.

Any attendees interested in Bartek’s proprietary ingredients can visit the company at booth S2321. For more information, please contact Bartek at

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