Fireside Chat: Overcoming Challenges of Pectin Gummy Formulating and Manufacturing

Join us for an informative fireside chat to simplify working with pectin.

Growing consumer demand for plant-based and vegan alternatives has made pectin an excellent choice of gelling agent to replace gelatin in gummies, jellies, chews, and similar confections, as well as in vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS) gummies. Despite pectin’s strong marketing advantages, it can be a perplexing ingredient for even the most seasoned formulators because pectin requires a delicate balance of pH, solids, and depositing temperature in order to set properly and produce a stable piece.

In late 2021, we introduced Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer to simplify working with pectin which was warmly welcomed by VMS and confectionery gummy formulators. And now, for formulas where sodium may not be desired, our recently launched Pecmate™ K ensures full compatibility with products marketed as “sodium-free.”

The purpose of this fireside chat is to further explore the challenges of formulating with pectin and how Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer simplifies working with pectin by fostering a “friendlier” batch, with more flexible product and processing parameters, where acid and pectin can interact efficiently for a more consistent finished product.

The intended audiences for this fireside chat are formulators and manufacturers of VMS in gummy format and soft-chew confectionery or anyone else interested in learning more about the topic.

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