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Join us at Food ingredients Europe!

This November/early December, we couldn’t be happier to join our fellow exhibitors at Food ingredients Europe. This year the event will be both online and in person, and we’ll be available at both! The hybrid event this year gives us an expanded platform with the ability to make more connections in the food and beverage ingredients industry to discuss our decades of experience producing malic and fumaric acid, and it allows us to introduce everyone to our newest innovation: Pecmate® Pectin Enhancer.

Pecmate® is an exciting advancement in gummy and soft candy formulation. This ingredient improves your pectin-based product formulation by helping overcome many production challenges, such as controlling gelling behavior and maintaining stable pH throughout the process. This means you have less product loss, less production downtime, and more optimal buffering than other commonly used buffer systems, such as sodium citrate. Pecmate® provides gummies and soft candies with better consistency, clean release from molds, and candies that hold their shape. With Pecmate®, we’re happy to help confectionery and VMS brands lower production costs and capitalize on current consumer trends with ease.

Bartek will also be available to discuss our experience in manufacturing and as a global supplier of malic and fumaric acid. With a network of global distributors and a supply chain serving more than 40 countries, we pair high quality and service with a high commitment to doing whatever it takes to service the global market as the world’s largest malic and fumaric acid producer.

We look forward to speaking with everyone of you at Fi Europe both online and in person. The online portion of the event starts Nov. 22, and the in-person portion starts Nov. 30 in Frankfurt, Germany—both run until Dec.2. Feel free to stop by our stand (31D20) to say hello and discuss your next product innovation or reformulation! For more information, please contact us at

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