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Minor ingredients produce major results

A touch of tart in food or beverages can go a long way – and are often the key to delivering products that align with consumer expectations. Food Business News featured Bartek’s malic and fumaric acid in an article highlighting ingredients that account for 2% or less of a formulation.

“Fruit-flavored beverages may deliver flavors that fall flat or dissipate prematurely,” Bartek’s Senior Product Manager Mohammad Emami said in the article. “Citric acid is often top-of-mind when acidulants are used in beverages. The fruit flavor of beverages with citric acid alone appears one dimensional, whereas using it in combination with malic acid and fumaric acid makes it more complex and more ‘true-to-fruit.’ Overall, malic and fumaric acid can intensify fruit flavors, creating a smoother, more natural flavor profile and prolonged flavor release.”

Read the full article at this link, and get in touch to learn more about how malic and fumaric acid can elevate your application.

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