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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Overcoming the pH-Related Challenges of Pectin Gummy Formulating & Manufacturing

Pectin’s vegan-friendly distinction makes it an excellent gelling agent choice to replace gelatin in gummies, jellies, chews, and similar confections. However, pectin can be a troublesome ingredient for even the most skilled candy line operators. Pectin requires a narrow balance of pH to maintain fluidity before depositing, then setting properly to produce stable candy. The slightest error in pH – “pH creep” – due to active ingredients, can lead to disposal of an entire batch.

Fill out the form below to watch our latest webinar on-demand to learn about Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer: a new functional ingredient designed to address these hurdles in the consistent production of pectin-based items, including gummy candy and gummy supplements with key vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.

Learn the key to unlocking some of the most desired attributes in pectin-based gummy formulation:

  • Avoidance of pre-gelling or formation of weak gel
  • Easier ability to manage the set point of pectin
  • Increasing the margin of error when working with buffers
  • Better consistency, reduced product loss, and less production downtime

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