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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Improving Baking Processes, Shelf Life, and Consumer Appeal

We’re excited to announce that Bartek will be hosting its third webinar this July. During this webinar, our Lead Technical Advisor – Bakery Innovation Alejandro J Perez-Gonzalez will be sharing how new clean label, acidulant-based innovations can improve baking processes, shelf life, and consumer appeal. 

The dramatic rise in demand for bread during the pandemic intensified the need for efficiencies in formulation and production at commercial bakeries of all sizes. At Bartek Ingredients, we deliver innovative acidulant-based solutions that help bakers overcome the unique formulation challenges they face. 

 With decades of experience in bakery ingredients, we understand the need for alternatives that simplify baking processes, enhance eating experiences, reduce costs, replace undesirable ingredients, and more. We are excited to share the second in our series of bakery innovation webinars, during which we will introduce a newly launched proprietary and clean label acidulant-based technology that boosts the performance of natural mold inhibitors (including cultured wheat, cultured dextrose, and cultured flour). Moreover, we will share some real-life case studies on how Bartek solutions have helped bakeries make processes more efficient, extend products’ shelf-life, and enhance consumer appeal.

During this webinar you will learn the following:

  • How Bartek’s Uphold™ Clean boosts natural mold inhibitors to maintain or extend shelf life at lower or the same cost.
  • How Bartek’s Uphold™ Clean reveals process efficiencies, such as increasing water absorption and yield.
  • Demonstrate in a commercial setting how Bartek’s Uphold™ Bread Preservation Technology extends mold-free shelf life and improves yield while staying cost neutral in foodservice sandwich rolls.
  • Showcase how a customer took advantage of Upscale™ Artisan Bread Technology to improve bread quality and consumer appeal while extending the mold-free shelf life of clean-label bread.

We’ll be sharing more about the webinar on our social channels over the coming weeks, but if you’re interested in attending, sign up at this link!

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