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Insights to fuel R&D strategies for bread products

To boost sales of fresh bread products, bakers are looking to new tools and ingredients that can help capture consumer attention and drive interest in their products. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery featured Bartek’s artisan bread capabilities in a recent article highlighting some of the innovations fueling R&D in the bakery category.

“Today’s consumers expect a lot from the breads they purchase at retail, including a clean label and no artificial flavors or preservatives,” Bartek’s Senior Product Manager Mohammad Emami said in the article. “Consumers also expect their bread to stay fresh in their pantries and kitchens without quickly molding or becoming stale. And, of course, they expect their bread to taste great.”

Read the article here, and to learn more about Upscale™, Bartek’s artisan bread technology, follow this link!

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