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Clean-label leavening agents appeal to consumers

Leavening is one of the key functional attributes that bakers rely on for the texture that defines their baked goods. Bartek understands this, and has developed two bread technologies that Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery featured in a recent article.

The first is Upscale™, Bartek’s fumaric acid-based bread technology that improves artisan bread produced at an industrial scale.

“Upscale is designed to make the scale-up of artisan breads at an industrial scale more practical by achieving key product attributes more consistently, namely porosity and volume,” Bartek’s Lead Technical Advisor for Bakery Innovation Alejandro J. Perez-Gonzalez says in the article. “This is very important with transitioning these products from old-style, hand-crafted operations that utilize only minimal ingredients, to more-efficient production settings that require more-robust formulas.”

The second is Uphold™, a fumaric-acid based pan bread technology that optimizes shelf life and improves quality using only clean label ingredients.

“Uphold is designed to achieve a more-predictable and consistent mold-free shelf life in breads that already use preservative like calcium propionate,” he said. “Uphold makes the use of calcium propionate more efficient, taking advantage of the unique properties of fumaric acid to control pH, all in an easy-to-use, carefully formulated and complete preservative system. Additionally, Uphold helps to achieve better volume and product softness, improving overall product quality and consistency.”

Read the full article at this link, and contact us today to learn more about either of these technologies!

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