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Leavening options for clean-label baking

Bartek’s two fumaric acid-based bread technologies were featured in a recent Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery article highlighting new leavening options that bakers can rely on to help deliver the textural properties their customers are seeking.

  • Upscale™ is our fumaric acid-based bread technology that improves artisan bread produced at an industrial scale.
  • Uphold™ is our fumaric-acid based pan bread technology that optimizes shelf life and improves quality using only clean label ingredients.

“One of the main challenges faced by bakers today is making yeast leavening more efficient by optimizing the overall development of cell structure (porosity) and volume development while balancing overall bread quality,” Bartek’s Bakery Innovation Technical Advisor Alejandro J. Perez-Gonzalez said in the article. “Uphold and Upscale both modify dough properties, allowing for increased dough absorption, as well as decreased/reduced mix time.”

Get in touch today to learn a bit more about how these ingredients can optimize your baking processes, and read the full article at this link!

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