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Watch On Demand: Optimizing Baking Processes with Acidulants

At Bartek, we’re always exploring the full potential of malic and fumaric acids, aiming to deliver innovative solutions that meet our customers’ unique formulation challenges. With decades of experience in bakery ingredients, we understand the need for solutions that simplify baking processes, enhance eating experiences, and add value through cost reduction, targeted ingredient replacement, and more.

This November, we are hosting our second webinar, where we will introduce new patent-pending, acidulant-based technologies that help bakers develop products that deliver on consumer demands while reducing cost-in-use.

To register for the upcoming webinar, follow this link, and to learn more about our new technologies, follow the links below:

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how fumaric acid may be the tool to solve some of your most unique baking formulation challenges.
  • Understand how Upscale™ Artisan Bread Technology can increase volume, improve porosity, and enhance overall quality while reducing mix time and product costs.
  • Understand how Uphold™ Bread Preservation Technology optimizes shelf life and improves quality with clean label ingredients, allowing you to reduce undesirable ingredients like calcium propionate.
  • Be better equipped to leverage opportunities to simplify your baking processes.

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